Thai Tea - 100% Natural Loose Leaf Tea Mix - Made with Assam Black Tea

  • $19.99

  • NO HARMFUL DYES - Unlike other Thai tea brands that have petroleum based dyes like FD&C Yellow 6, we use 100% natural coloring. Ditch the lab chemicals and reward yourself with the peace of knowing every ingredient in our tea mix comes from the earth and doesn’t have a random number next to it.
  • NATURALLY GROWN - Our farmers have committed to natural growing practices. This means using natural fertilizers and insect traps instead of products containing chemicals. Their saying is: “We wouldn’t grow anything we wouldn’t consume ourselves.”
  • AUTHENTIC THAI TEA FLAVOR - We use our Thai-grown Assam Black Thai Tea blend flavored with all natural vanilla bean extract to provide your taste buds with an authentic Thai Tea experience. Allow yourself to be transported to the streets of Chiang Mai.
  • DIRECT TRADE - We pride ourselves in having direct relationships with multi-generational tea farmers in the Northern hills of Thailand who are renowned for growing high quality teas. Your purchase provides economic opportunity for local farmers and cultivators.
  • BOBA MILK TEA - Get your boba on! We specifically designed our teas to be strong and flavorful enough to punch through WHAT when making milk or boba teas. Follow our recipes to create a flavorful tea concentrate that you can use when making your favorite drinks! Have we mentioned our tea can be used for ice cream?