Eco-Friendly Performance Yoga Mat Made in The USA | 100% Recycled

  • $92.99


  • Grippy and Soft; Dense and Cushiony; Antimicrobial and Eco-Friendly; Our mats are fun and useful, they are the embodiment of yogic principals, sustainable for the earth, a tool for our body, simple and plain to not distract the mind. You can feel empowered with your purchase knowing your yoga mat is the change you want. We can vote with our wallets. We can choose less flash for more substance.
  • Our non slip yoga mat has a newly designed oval shape that brings a new feel to your practice. Our extremities rarely touch the far corners of a rectangular mat, so we trimmed them off. Its weird but once you try our oval mat you'll feel at home. Why do they come Only in black? Because we don't want to add color. Similar to recycled paper, our mats are not dyed and each one is its own unique little oasis to escape to.
  • Lighter than the average mat while still being longer; At 72 inches, it fits into your standard yoga mat bag. We got lucky and received help from the EPA, we tested them at an independent lab, we gave them out for instructors to try, these mats are the culmination of those efforts
  • Non Toxic, Non Plastic, Non PVC, Non TPE, This high density yoga mat is also a versatile exercise mat for your home gym or as a child's yoga mat
  • 100% recycled tree rubber, tree rubber - natural rubber - is sap, the trees have to be healthy and mature before they are "tapped", trees are not harmed by this process, the sap is collected and processed, our manufacturer in the US takes their scraps and creates our mats! A gift from nature! Performs on all surfaces including wood, grass, sand and cement