Dr. Squatch Gold Moss Bar Soap – Olive Oil Soap with Kaolin Clay and Salt for Light Scrubbing – Mens Soap with Sophisticated Scent Handmade with Natural Ingredients in USA

  • $9.95

  • A TRUE BAR SOAP FOR MEN - This bar is a revered, reliable, and potent blend driven by oakmoss
  • YOUR GIRLFRIEND won't be able to keep her hands (or nose) off of you with this soap for men
  • SUDISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you don’t love Dr. Squatch we’ll give you a full refund. Support small business: all of our soap is handmade in the USA in small batches ADD TO CART NOW
  • GREAT SCENT GEARED TOWARDS GUYS - Dr. Squatch bar soap is hand made using the cold process method. We specalize in manly scents and stay away from flowery ones. This is a full body soap for the shower
  • THE SASQUATCH RECOMMENDS IT FOR - Exfoliating, shaving, manly activities such as bathing in the woods, face and body wash, hands, unhappy skin, travel
Whether we're aging whiskey or building awesome dude furniture, we men appreciate some solid oak. That's why we've scented this woodsy gem of a mens soap with oak moss, to remind you that you need some suds that are as solid and earthy as you are.

To balance out the rustic musk, we've subtly blended in shea butter and sea salt, creating a bar soap for men as potent and smooth as your favorite bourbon.

Ingredients : Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, and non-gmo Soy), Shea Butter, Lye, Sea Salt, Fragrance.