About TruChi Lifestyle Co.

Helping others to achieve perfect balance, mind - body - soul,
by experiencing nature's technology and reaping the rewards.

Hi, I'm Katheryn Monroe, one of the founders of the TruChi Lifestyle Co., created in 2018, along with my close friend, and business partner, Chinito(TrChi)Truitt.  Both of us strongly believe in, and focus on living a balanced, conscious existence, aware and respectful of nature, energy and life. Every day, we strive to find ways to feed our Tru Chi - true essence, energy, life force. 

After the job elimination, I finally had time on my hands, to fully immerse myself, full time, into researching and testing the natural, edible ingredients, used by Ancient, Egyptian (Cleopatra had amazing skin), Ayruvedic, Korean and American cultures.  I wanted to find the best, most nutritious, skin-loving ingredients possible.  Well, the results were amazing and much more immediate and powerful, than any of the chemical-laden products, I used in the past, that are sold in every store across the world.  So she became a firm believer in “nature’s technology,” and the power it holds….without all of the BS, toxic, side effects. 

And that is how Nature'd Organics came to be.  I just knew that I had to share this with other people.  I also knew that I did not want to go back to the corporate world, trying to manage people, living real lives, with real life struggles, in an environment with unrealistic, unnecessary rules and processes, that are set up for failure.  As a true, blue Libra, one of the most fulfilling things in life, for me, is to help other people and be "a positive," to everyone I come in contact with.  Ok...so enough about me.

Chinito (Tru) Truitt, a highly gifted musician and artist, originally from New York, is a big inspiration behind, not only the TruChi name, but the spirit of the TruChi Lifestyle.  Having a great understanding of holistic living, the power of nature's technology, and the importance of living a balanced life - mind, body and soul, Tru always looks for opportunities to spread that understanding to others. 

He has done that in the form of music - Truchi iAM @truchi_iam_musik and FLOW GANG Entertainment @flowgangent, visual arts - TruChi World Photography, but most importantly, in taking the time to actually engage in people's lives and help them discover their "Tru Chi"...their true life force...true energy source. 

Tru is passionate about helping people live more enlightened lives and live their best lives...true to themselves. 

Katheryn and Tru both know, from personal experiences, that in order to live a truly balanced life, we all have to focus inward, on ourselves, first.  ili - I Love I - is all about "self love."  Taking care of YOU - mind, body, soul - first!  In doing so, you can then use the power of being a balanced you, to have a huge positive impact on your life, as well as others.  Please join us on this adventure to EXPERIENCE NATURE'S TECHNOLOGY, and reap the rewards!

Mind, body, soul…

Beyond skincare... its a Lifestyle!