Himalayan Glow Natural

  • $34.99


  • The Zen garden is composed of 100 Percent all natural Himalayan Pink salt crystals, both fine grade and three larger rocks for added benefits that come from a pure and clean product
  • Using the Zen garden is an excellent way to relieve stress and center your mind by gently raking the salt and organizing the larger crystals
  • When lit it also purifies the air and gives off a warm amber glow to add to the calming and relaxing effects
  • The three healing crystals can be rearranged to accommodate your personal preferences and provide a variety of balanced energies
  • This Himalayan Pink salt Zen gardens is a great addition to the home or office because it promotes relaxation in a conveniently compact size
  • This beautiful mini Zen gardens is elegantly packaged and makes a thoughtful gift
  • Wattage: 15.0 watts